Middle School (5–9)


Option B Chosen - Spruce Grove Attendance Area Review

February 16, 2016 -  The Board of Trustees has voted in favour of Option B effectively creating new Attendance Areas for Spruce Grove schools that will take effect in September 2016.  Work will now begin with Spruce Grove area Principals and Parkland School Division administration to create an implementation plan dealing with the inevitable transition of students.

Due to the scheduled opening of the Prescott Learning Centre in 2016 and a second new Kindergarten to Grade 9 school on Spruce Grove’s west end in 2017, a process plan, methodology and schedule to systemically review existing Spruce Grove Area Schools attendance areas were required. 

The plan is about enabling growth and ensuring equitable access to Spruce Grove Schools.  It will allow Parkland School Division Programs of Choice room to grow.  The plan also ensures that schools in older neighbourhoods are sustainable for years to come.

How can parents help?

Once a decision has been made, parents can assist their children by helping them understand why changes happen and modeling a positive approach to change.  Parents can help students understand that they are resilient and resourceful. 

New friends will be made. Current friendships will continue in a new setting. Quality teaching and learning will remain the norm.  Parkland School Division will continue to be a place where exploration, creativity, and imagination make learning exciting and where all learners aspire to reach their dreams. 

Parents have been asking about registration for the 2016-2017 school year.  PSD administration asks for continued patience while the implementation plan is developed. The following was originally posted in our Frequently Asked Questions page for the Spruce Grove Attendance Area and Program Location Review:

How will PSD ensure a smooth transition for every student?

Spruce Grove administrators will work together to create transition plans designed to ensure that student success and well-being remains our Ultimate Goal.

a)    Who is looking after the details of the implementation? 

Parents will be well informed of transition plans for each school.  School staff will be working closely with the students and families.   The school administrators will guide all of this.

b)    When will the implementation plans be prepared?

Immediately following the Board’s approval of new attendance areas, work will be underway.

c)    How will I be informed about the plans for my child to transition to his/her new school?

Information for parents and families will be available through your regular communications channels with your school.  (e.g. letters home, school website, newsletters, etc.)

Option B

Parkland Village School

  • Current Full-Time Equivalent Population: 217.5

Prescott Learning Centre - Rural

  • Opens in 2016

Prescott Learning Centre - Urban

  • Opens in 2016

Millgrove School/Greystone Centennial Middle School

  • Millgrove current Full-Time Equivalent Population: 394
  • Greystone current Full-Time Equivalent Population: 694

Brookwood School/Woodhaven Middle School - Urban

  • Brookwood current Full-Time Equivalent population: 737
  • Woodhaven current Full-Time Equivalent population: 608

New School #2 (K-9)

  • Opens 2017


École Broxton Park School

  • Current full-time equivalent population: 895