Middle School (5–9)

Knowledge & Employability Program

Knowledge and Employability courses are available to Grade 8 & 9 students who meet specific criteria. The courses are intended to provide students with opportunities to experience success and become well prepared for employment, further studies, active citizenship and lifelong learning. 

Language Arts

Knowledge and Employability English language arts highlights six language arts - listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing. Students study texts and create their own texts in relevant situations for a variety of purposes and audiences. All of the language arts are interrelated and interdependent; proficiency in one strengthens and supports proficiency in the others.


Students use a problem-solving approach to complete calculations and solve word problems in everyday home, workplace and community contexts.   


Knowledge and Employability science provides basic science literacy. The courses promote awareness, understanding and the development and application of science skills, knowledge and attitudes for successful living at home, at the workplace and in the community.

Social Studies

Knowledge and Employability Social Studies provides opportunities for students to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable them to become engaged, active, informed and responsible citizens.

For more information, on Knowledge and Employability policy and programs, see Knowledge and Employability - Alberta Education.

See Knowledge and Employability Studio for student, parent, teacher and administrator resources.

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